Tournament List for 2020

SBTA will be hosting several USTA Future Stars tournaments for 2020! Another step in the player pathway. Future Stars are the perfect starting point, as they are designed to give players a taste of competitive tennis in a fun, inviting, and welcoming environment. Particularly for players with little tournament experience, these one-day tournaments offer an opportunity to compete, meet other players, and start building tournament skills!


SBTA Junior Smash tournaments will be USTA Sanctioned for 2020. This raises the level of competitiveness for these events and we are excited to be hosting 4 this year. This is a great opportunity for our local kids to access high level play right in their backyard.


The SBTA Adult Open will be USTA Sanctioned for the first time! Please check the tournament page for all details.

USTA SBTA Future Stars – BEGINNERS - one day event - ages 6-18

March 28  Tourn ID 800033520    Deadline 3/22  CANCELLED

May 9  Tourn ID 800033720   Deadline 5/3  CANCELLED

Sept 19  Tourn 800006720   Deadline 9/13 

SBTA Junior Smash Open Qualified and Non-Qualified Juniors

April 11-12  Tourn ID 800033620   Deadline 4/5    CANCELLED 

June 13-14  Tourn ID 800032320   Deadline 6/7    CANCELLED

Sept 26-27  Tourn ID 800006620   Deadline 9/20

Nov 17-18  Tourn ID 800035120   Deadline  11/1

SBTA Adult Open

Oct 10-11   Tourn ID 800013020   Deadline 10/1

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